I have published the following guides:

Ex-Regulator’s Guide to Defined Benefit Transfers Suitability and Controls

This guide is geared for advisers and compliance staff at firms providing advice on defined benefit (DB) transfers. The guide covers the latest thinking on this high risk subject and is a must-read for firms involved in this area of business. There are three main parts (1) FCA rules and guidance – recent and future policy changes and what it really means for your advice processes. (2) Suitability – the factors that help determine whether a transfer is suitable or not. (3) Controls – why file reviews is not enough and what additional controls are needed. There are extensive case studies throughout to highlight suitability issues and a suitability flowchart to help assess the suitability of individual cases. Published August 2018.


An Ex-Regulator’s Guide to Cash-Flow Planning

This guide provides a review of good practice when undertaking cash-flow planning. It discusses when to use cash-flow planning, types of cash-flow planning, picking a tool, using the tool and highlights the regulatory context for cash-flow planning. It doesn’t review individual tools but provides good practice suggestions, includes suggested assumptions, recommends a due diligence approach and helps firms meet the MiFID requirements around the use of financial planning tools. Published April 2018.


An Ex-Regulator’s Guide to Risk Profiling Tools

This guide reviews the main risk profiling tools in the market. It tests current risk profiling tools against the FCA’s guidance, provides a ‘How to …’ guide to help advisers understand how to use them in a way that is likely to meet the FCA requirements, and it helps firms meet their obligations under MiFID II to assess financial planning tools. It also provides additional commentary and good practice examples around assessing the level of risk the client is willing and able to take. Published September 2017.



This guide is geared for advisers and compliance staff. It covers some of the key issues around suitability including pension freedoms, risk profiling and balancing the compromises needed for many client cases. It includes the key questions that the FCA look at when undertaking a file review and explains the way judgements about suitability are made. Published October 2018.