I have a key advantage: not only do I have an excellent understanding of the FCA’s expectations, I also have Chartered Financial Planner status so have a good understanding of the practicalities of the advice process.

Hence I am well-placed to help firms with advice propositions that provide good outcomes for clients and meet FCA expectations.

I am available to provide consultancy services in a range of ways in relation to the advice process and operating effectively and professionally. The service can be tailored to what you want to achieve. For example:

  • DB transfer advice process. Given the high risk nature and FCA focus on this area, many firms are concerned about whether their advice process is adequate. I can help assess your advice process and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement and good practice.
  • FCA-style assessment. It is best to make changes now before the FCA drive changes. If the FCA visit and are unhappy with what they see, this can be very difficult and expensive for you. For example, a common course of action would be to appoint a skilled person to review your approach and make recommendations. This can be expensive and can lead to even more expensive redress programmes. Of course this option is usually better than a referral to Enforcement…
  • Audit/benchmarking. If you think you are doing the right thing but are not quite sure how the FCA would view your firm or want to know how you compare with other firms, then I can help. This could be your current or planned new advice proposition.
  • Robo advice. If you are developing a streamlined and automated advice then I can assist.
  • Expert witness. I have experience in undertaking expert witness work. If you need an expert witness on the subject of advice and suitability then please contact me.
  • Bespoke. If it is to do with advice, then I may well be able to help.


My standard day rate is £2,000 + VAT. This is inclusive of all expenses. For regular or bulk work (four days or more) then this rate normally reduces to £1,750 + VAT.

And finally, if you are looking for someone to help you get around the FCA Rules or how to do the minimum, then you should speak to someone else. I’m here to support professionalism in the financial advice sector.